Versace for H&M

[First published in Cliché Magazine on 6.21.2011] 

Donatella has been making some interesting and unprecedented choices lately. Shortly after she opened up the Versace archives to Lady GaGa for her latest “Edge of Glory” music video for the first time since her brother Gianni’s death, she announced that she would be collaborating with Swedish fashion giant H&M in a high-street revival of iconic Versace designs.

Revival is exactly what the Italian fashion label needs right now, having been pushed to the edge of its former glory since the late ‘90s. In its heyday, Versace was wild, bold, glamorous, and sexy. Donatella’s creative direction of recent years has given the brand a sophisticated makeover: while the Versace of the ‘80s and ‘90s is symbolized by the head of Medusa, the Versace of today would be more appropriately represented by the head of Medusa with her snaky hair tied back into a low chignon.

If this goes as other designer collaborations with H&M have gone, it bodes well for the Italian fashion label. Describing the collection as “quintessential Versace,” Donatella says she is “thrilled to be collaborating with H&M and to have the opportunity of reaching their wide audience.”

The collection will be available on November 17 in 300 stores and online, and will include around 40 pieces for women and 20 for men. Expect a black leather, gold studs, and loud prints kind of November.

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