Press Release [Fashion] – Father’s Day Promotion

[Hong Kong]

Celebrating Father’s Day in characteristically elegant style, Italian menswear brand Cerruti 1881 is releasing a limited edition belt exclusively for the Greater China region. Melding heritage with technology, the belt epitomizes timeless masculine refinement through its über soft snakelet leather, while incorporating an effortless flair of chic modernity with a neoteric rectangular buckle with a contraption that renders its supremely light strap reversible – a veritable illustration of Cerruti’s deft and versatile treatment of luxurious leathers.

The belt is housed within a sleek case, exclusively made to envelop the belt with opulence and class. The limited edition belt is available in four distinct leather styles – smooth snakelet leather (HKD 3,195 / RMB 4,250), shiny calf leather (HKD 2,195 / RMB 3,150), textured buffalo leather (HKD 2,395 / RMB 3,350), and fine grained nubuck calf leather (HKD 2,195 / RMB 3,150) – that form one side of the sartorial duet, with the soft calf leather the other side.

Cerruti 1881 is a renowned fashion company and menswear expert. The Cerruti 1881 brand is an avant-garde lifestyle formed on the belief that fashion should be stylish and innovative while maintaining a superior level of quality and craftsmanship.  Today, there are 89 Cerruti 1881 stores in the Greater China region – 7 in Hong Kong, 69 inChina, and 11 inTaiwan.

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